Our location scouting service in Costa Rica will give you peace of mind with the search and selection of locations for your film or audiovisual production. Do you want to film on the incredible black and white sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Coast? Does your scenery include spectacular volcanoes, forests full of lush plant and animal life, green mountains and peaks with wonderful views, breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, valleys, plains, wetlands, lakes, hot springs, coffee plantations, underwater vistas or picturesque villages? How about having all these environments at your disposal within a two to five hour drive from the city? If you like the idea then Costa Rica is the perfect destination for your production and we make it easy for you.


In addition to being popular as a biodiversity center and eco-tourism destination, we are widely known for having one of the oldest and strongest democracies in Latin America, as well as for investing in health and education the money formerly destined for the armed forces, since the abolition of the army in 1949.